Patch 5.3 Balance Changes - All jobs

info Aug 10, 2020

Patch 5.3 brings in a couple much needed, and some very questionable changes to several jobs.



Warriors get the biggest change among tanks with a mini-rework of Storm's Eye. The effect can now last up to 60s, and Berserk and Inner Release now extend the current duration of Storm's Eye by the duration of their own effects - meaning you can never lose the buff during your Fell Cleave windows again. In addition, Nascent Flash can now be used solo, a decently large buff to solo content.


Not much to say here, a nice self-healing increase for Brutal Shell.



Astrologians get a huge change - The biggest being the rework of Sleeve Draw, which now pretty much guarantees a fully-stacked Divination on your openers with the appropriate pre-pull time. Additionally, it restores a chunk of MP when used. Lightspeed no longer reduces the MP cost of spells, and several spells have had their MP cost reduced or had MP regeneration effects added to compensate.

Additionally, Horoscope and Neutral Sect get some bonuses.


Scholars get a little bit of an MP reduction on Succor.



SMN loses half of the potency on Tri-D. It's going to hurt the opener a bit, not horribly, but maybe that MNK  will be slightly above you for a few seconds now. Other than that, the  average SMN will likely see a loss of 200-300 DPS per fight at level 80. This will hurt more in level 70 content like UWU and UCOB.


Machinists get... a tooltip fix. Enjoy the bottom of the DPS rankings for this patch cycle, my gun toting friends.


Bards get somewhat decent potency buffs to a few actions. This will likely bring the job above MCH, but not quite further.


Monk needs some love, and it's getting... some friendly hugs. Perfect Balance being available 25% more often is certainly nice.

That's it for balance changes this patch. You can read the full Patch 5.3 Notes here.