Comprehensive (E5S) Ramuh Savage Guide

guide Feb 20, 2020

This guide is an alternative to video guides that explains mechanics in order and the strategies I have used to overcome them. These strategies are not the only way to handle these mechanics and I encourage you to experiment with what works best for you.

Before Pull Considerations

  1. Set up markers for Stormclouds as below:

The ranged/healers going to the outside markers for this mechanic, and the melee/tanks going to the inside markers. (More on this later).

2. For Fury's Fourteen, assign a position (1 through 7 from north to south) for each player other than the MT. Melee should get the northmost positions, as those will be near the boss. The southmost position should be a healer, as it will be out of cast range of the boss and it's better to lose healer DPS uptime than caster/ranged DPS uptime.

3. Assign everyone a cardinal/inter-cardinal to spread around the boss for Chain Lightning (Again, explained below). Healers should be on opposite sides (i.e. East/West, North/South, SE/NW, etc as Chain Lightning starts with each healer. The rest of the positions should not matter, assign them as works best for your team. You should also decide whether this debuff will be passed clockwise or counter-clockwise.

On Pull

Everyone should stay relatively close to the boss, as the first mechanic will spawn Surge Protection orbs that are consumed when stepped on. Do not pick these up too early, or you will die when you need them.

Phase 1

Judgement Volts

This is a simple, moderate damage raidwide AoE. Judgement Volts will spawn Surge Protection orbs around the arena in one of a few fixed patterns.


Ramuh will spawn 4 spears at each intercardinal of the arena. 3 of these spears will do a massive AoE around them. Keep an eye out when they spawn and have the entire party move against the edge of the arena by the one short spear. Standing anywhere else on the area will result in instant death.

As you move to avoid these AoEs, this is a good time for each player to pick up one of the orbs on the field, as you'll need them for an upcoming mechanic. Make sure no one but the off-tank picks up more than 1. Picking up 4 orbs will leave you with a debuff called Static Condensation that reduces healing recieved.


Ramuh summons an add at the edge of arena. This add tethers to the player with the highest amount of Surge Protection stacks. If your Off Tank does not have more than your other players when this add spawns, they should make sure to pick them up now. If any of your other players have 3 stacks, they are probably going to die.

While the add is tethered to a player, it will periodically hit them for moderate damage, hitting 5 times in total. After 2-3 hits, the add will hit the tethered player with a large magical damage buster.

It is important that the OT moves around with the tether and does not let the add come in contact with them. If it does, they will instantly take lethal damage.

Fury's Bolt

This ability, signified by large purple lightning orbs orbiting the boss, signifies that Ramuh's next ability is enhanced. When you see this cast, ensure you have at least one stack of Surge Protection to survive. This stack will be removed once you are hit. If you picked up an orb while moving out to dodge Stratospear, your Surge Protection should last through the next cast just fine.

Judgement Volts (Buffed)

Like before, this is moderate raid wide damage that will then spawn more Surge Protection orbs around the arena. However, this cast is enhanced by Fury's Bolt and will deal lethal damage to anyone without at least one stack of Surge Protection.

Crippling Blow

This is a moderate, single target tank buster, dealing physical damage. Mitigate/shield as is standard.

Stormcloud Summons

As Crippling Blow is coming out, have your ranged and healers move out to their assigned spots to bait Stormclouds.

This mechanic has two different parts for the ranged and melee players.

Ranged: The four furthest players from the boss will be targeted to spawn Stormclouds. These players should stand at their bait location until the marker disappears from their head, then immediately move out, NOT towards the boss to avoid being hit by the subsequent AoEs. In practice, I have moved to the direct East/West edge of the platform, between the two clouds until the Melee part of the mechanic is resolved.

If the Ranged wait too long to move after their marker disappears, they will be hit by the Stormcloud AoE for lethal damage. If the ranged bait their markers too close together, the Stormclouds will merge and emit a raidwide AoE that deals lethal damage to pretty much everyone but the tanks.

Melee: The four closest players to the boss will be targeted with a debuff. This debuff must be cleansed by getting hit once by the AoEs generated from the Stormclouds the ranged players dropped off. This debuff will also cause the player to emit a small AoE that Paralyzes and deals light damage to others. Upon recieving their debuff, melee should move out just far enough to get clipped by the Stormcloud AoE.

If the melee allow their debuff to expire without getting hit by the Stormclouds, they will be Terrified away from Ramuh, likely walking off the edge of the platform or into additional Stormcloud AoEs, to their death.

After both groups have resolved their markers, the Stormclouds will continue to pulse their AoE for the next 30 seconds or so, so mind your positioning as they will still deal lethal damage.


About the time the melee have finished resolving their last mechanic, Ramuh will begin casting Levinforce, which will knock back all players to their death. Surecast/Arm's Length to ignore this mechanic.

Fury's Bolt (or not)

Ramuh will once again charge up to enhance his next attack, maybe. If he does, ensure all 8 players pick up an orb before the next cast goes out.

Tribunal Summons

Rammuh will summon three sets of adds - one North/South down the middle, which will knock all players towards the East and West of the arena, depending on which side of Ramuh they are on - and two groups of adds that will charge North/South across the middle of the West side and middle of the East side of the arena, killing everything in their path.

All eight players must get knocked back by the first charge through the middle, pushed just to the edge of the arena without falling off, or the second charge will do lethal damage to all but tanks. You can visualize the three parts of this mechanic below:

The first add will charge down the center of the arena.
As the first charge happens, any players standing outside the very center row are knocked back towards the outside of the arena.
After the knockback, the remaining summons charge through the arena, killing anyone they hit.

The tricky part about this fight is correctly positioning yourself for the knockback. The placement changes depending on whether Ramuh has a charge of Fury's Bolt or not (the maybe I mentioned above). It is completely random whether or not he will accquire the buff, so you must be prepared for either of the below starting positions:

If Ramuh does indeed have a charge of Fury's Bolt, you need to start just barely outside of the closest line to the center, or you will be knocked completely off the platform.
If Ramuh does not have a charge of Fury's Bolt, you must start just inside of the furthest line from the center, or you will be knocked back only far enough to be hit and killed by the 2nd group of charging adds.

Crippling Blow

After Tribunal Summons has completed, prepare for another single target tankbuster.

Judgement Volts

Next is another moderate raid-wide AoE that will spawn more orbs around the arena. Each player should pick one up shortly after they spawn.

Fury's Bolt

Ramuh powers up his next ability. Ensure all players have at least one stack of Surge Protection by the time this cast ends.


Ramuh will begin throwing out small, randomly targeted AoEs all over the platform that must be avoided. Half of the players will then be targeted for a larger AoE that deals lethal damage to anyone without a stack of Surge Protection. After this resolves, the other half will be targeted. If these AoEs are stacked, both players will take lethal damage.

Executor Summon

Ramuh will spawn an add for the Off Tank to deal with, exactly the same as before.

Crippling Blow

Another moderate damage, single target tankbuster on the MT.

Stepped Leader (Spread)

All players (MT optional) should stack up at the rear of the boss, wait for the castbar to hit about 80% full, then move out immediately. The second the castbar finishes, small, high damage AoEs will appear where each player was standing just before the cast completed. Being hit by one of these AoEs will apply a Damage Down debuff. Being hit by multiple is lethal.

Judgement Volts

Ramuh will again deal moderate raidwide damage, marking the end of Phase 1.

Phase 2

Fury's Fourteen

Ramuh will begin rapidly gaining charges of Fury's Bolt - don't worry, this is just "aesthetic" for the next mechanic, it does not signify any increase in damage. When you see this cast begin, make sure each player picks up an orb.

This marks the begining of a period of "enhanced" abilities similar to previous abilities Ramuh used (Anyone else reminded of E3S?).

Stratospears (Fourteen)

Ramuh will summon 7 spears from north to south on each side of the arena. Players other than the MT should line up, one to a spear in the order that was decided on pre-pull and wait in the center row.

Lining up for each spear, in order.

Tribunal (Fourteen)

As the spears come out, Ramuh will also summon a pack of adds on one side of the arena, clarified by large dark purple tethers emenating from himself to each add. Players should line up in front of the spears opposite from the side these adds spawned on, or they will be killed by the adds' charge.

Centaur's Charge

Before Ramuh charges, the MT (or whichever tank did not take a spear position) should stand in the large glowing zone in front of Ramuh, pop mitigative cooldowns, and then press the Duty Action that appears.

Ramuh will then charge through the center of the arena, knocking the tank foward and each other player to the side. If the players are properly lined up with their spears, being knocked back will break the spears, sucessfully resolving the mechanic.

If one or more spears is not broken, a large, lethal-damage AoE will emenate from each intact spear and wipe the party.

Fury's Bolt

Ramuh will once again power up for his next ability. Ensure each player has taken an orb before this cast ends.

Stepped Leader (Stack)

All players, (MT Optional) should stack together at the butt of the boss in a tight stack. Do not move like the previous cast of Stepped Leader. When the cast finishes, a lethal damage Donut aoe will strike around each player. If players are not stacked tightly enough, the donut aoe will clip and apply a Damage Down debuff and moderate damage to any player hit. Like the other configuration, multiple hits will kill.

Chain Lightning

All players should now take their assigned cardinal/inter-cardinal positions outside of the boss' hitbox. Ensure all players have a stack of Surge Protection.

As the cast finishes, each healer will be afflicted with Chain Lightning. After 4 seconds, Chain Lightning will pass to the nearest player. The player holding the debuff should move near the player they wish to pass it to, in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction decided on pre-pull. Be careful not to get too close to other players, as touching someone while afflicted by Chain Lightning will inflict heavy damage on them, and likely cause this mechanic to fail.

Each player will then continue to pass Chain Lightning in a circle until the debuffs expire. Each debuff must be passed a total of eight times, meaning each player will hold Chain Lightning twice, ending with the healer that originally spawned it. Players will take very light magic damage as they recieve the debuff.

Once a player has recieved Chain Lightning, they cannot recieve it again for 8 seconds, so ensure that after you pass the debuff on, you move away. If you stay too close, it will hit you and then jump to another random player, potentially arcing around the group in a chain and killing everyone.

From this point on, every mechanic will be one you have seen before.

Crippling Blow

As Chain Lightning is being passed around, another moderate damage, single target tankbuster will come out.

Judgement Volts

Moderate damage, raidwide AoE.

Executor Summons

Another tethered add to be handled by the OT.

Fury's Bolt

Ramuh empowers his next ability, ensure each player has picked up an orb before this ends.


Just as before, ramuh will begin throwing out small, randomly targeted AoEs all over the platform that must be avoided. Half of the players will then be targeted for a larger AoE that deals lethal damage to anyone without a stack of Surge Protection. After this resolves, the other half will be targeted. If these AoEs are stacked, both players will take lethal damage.

Immediately as this ability ends, all players (MT Optional) should stack up at the rear of the boss for the next mechanic.

Stepped Leader (Spread)

Handle this exactly as the first time, making a tight stack, then spreading out at the time about 80% of the castbar has filled.

Crippling Blow

Another moderate damage, single target tankbuster.

Judgement Volts

Once again, moderate raidwide AoE damage.

This marks the end of phase 2.

Phase 3

Fury's Fourteen Rotation

Just like before, Ramuh will cast Fury's Fourteen, followed by Stratospear, Tribunal and Centaur's Charge. Handle it exactly like the first time with one change -

Ramuh will additionally summon adds down all but one of each East/West "Lane" on the map. These adds will charge, dealing lethal damage a couple seconds after everyone is knocked back to the edge.

The one lane without a giant purple horse of death is where everyone should head as soon as they can move.

Make note of where the safe lane without an add is, and make sure everyone moves into it immediately after being knocked back and breaking their spears. This includes the tank that handled the duty action. The middle of the arena will not be safe.

Fury's Bolt

A few seconds later, Ramuh once again empowers his next ability. Get orbs!

Judgement Volts (Buffed)

Another moderate, raid-wide AoE that will murder anyone without a stack of Surge Protection.

Stormcloud Summons

Handle this exactly as you did the first time. Ranged out to bait before the cast starts, melee inside.


Immediately after Stormcloud finishes resolving, Ramuh will again begin casting this knockback. Surecast/Arm's Length and (optionally) laugh at the big dumb horse man that is weirdly attractive.

Judgement Volts

Moderate, raid-wide AoE.

Chain Lightning

Grab an orb, then spread out to your cardinal and inter-cardinal positions outside of the boss' hitbox and handle this exactly as you did before.

Crippling Blow

As Chain Lightning is being passed around, another moderate damage, single target tankbuster will hit the MT.

Judgement Volts

Moderate, raid-wide AoE.

Fury's Bolt (or not)

Ramuh may or may not cast Fury's Bolt here. If he does, make sure each player grabs an orb like every other time.

Stepped Leader (Spread or Stack)

If Ramuh casts Fury's Bolt before this, you will stack and stay stacked like the second time you encountered this mechanic. If he goes straight into casting Stepped Leader with no Fury's Bolt, then just like the last one, stack up tight and move at 80% castbar fill.

Fury's Bolt + Judgement Volts

Grab an orb, then moderate raidwide AoE damage. Or don't grab an orb, then die!

Judgement Volts

Moderate, raidwide AoE.

Fury's Bolt + Judgement Volts

Grab an orb, then moderate raidwide AoE damage.

Judgement Volts

Moderate, raidwide AoE.

Judgement Volts

Moderate, raidwide AoE.

Fury's Fourteen (Enrage)

This is an extremely long enrage, don't worry about getting orbs, just keep hitting the boss as hard as you can. While my team killed the boss before this went through, I am told that Ramuh will begin channeling an extremely slow Judgement Jolt that causes all 14 of the summoned Stratospears to do raidwide, lethal damage when it finishes, marking the hard enrage.

You can view my current static's first kill using this strategy here: (Thanks Matti!)