Solved: How To Fix FFXIV Error 2002 in Endwalker!

guide Dec 07, 2021

Many players have reported encountering FFXIV Lobby Connection Error 2002. This guide will show you three easy methods to resolve this error and successfully enter the game.

1 - Prayer

Praying to your deity or deities of choice is the easiest action to take, and just as efficacious as any other!

2 - Crying

When you've received error 2002 6 times in a row and you know that queue position of 5,436 is awaiting you when next your connection succeeds, why not have a good sob into your felt Emet-Selch plushie? He wont mind.

3 - Rage

When all else fails, just get angry and smash stuff. Not the servers though. Please leave the servers alone.